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Pam Reilly, entering Fall 2010 Global MBA

Hi Pat, sorry to hear about the contaminated water! One thing is for sure, I will show you a VERY good pizza place in Shanghai. Believe me, I have only tasted pizza that good in Italy. And growing up with a Sicilian mom I dare to say what pizza is good and what is not.
I'm starting a review of Mandarin this week before my trip; 2 hours/day; one-on-one. So if you have time to meet up on my first Friday in Shanghai 8/6; I'll show you the pizza place. It's in the Pudong area across from the Bund. Email me when you find time and let me know. Cheers!!!


This sounds Amazing! We've heard great things about interning a Coca Cola. If you get a chance, review the internship for other students interested in Coke! http://www.internshipking.com/coca-cola-internship

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